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Rachel/Finn Prompts Meme

a place for all finn/rachel fic prompts

Finn/Rachel Prompts Meme
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A prompt meme for all Rachel/Finn fanfiction
Welcome to fr_prompts_meme, a place where fans of Finn and Rachel from Fox’s Glee can post and fill fic and artwork prompts! We encourage any and all Finn/Rachel fans to prompt, fill, and lurk as they please, just as long as everybody follows a few simple rules and guidelines.

1. Categories! We all want it to be easy to find what we are looking for, right? Well, that’s why we have a full list of categories to post in! Remember that these are here for a reason (so that this community can stay neat and be easy for everyone to use) and it would be much appreciated if everyone tried to place their requests appropriately.

If you are unsure where your prompt belongs or if the category you’re looking for is missing, just PM me and I will help!

2. Play nice! If you see a prompt that you think is stupid, scroll down. We want this to be a place where everyone feels welcome, right? Well, it’s up to us to make it one!

3. Request and Fill. Since this community is still new, it would be great if everyone could try and post a prompt so it can really get started! However, this community will go nowhere if nobody ever fills, so it’s important that we all try and fill a prompt once and a while. Understandably, not everyone’s a writer, and by no means should somebody who doesn’t write not request, but we should all at least try and look around now and then and see if something catches our eye.

4. Put warnings and ratings. If your prompt has angst or kink/porn but is mainly a _____ fic, put it in _____ category with a warning or rating. (Example: a fluffy story with some sex would be posted in the Fluff category with a rating or warning.)

5. Remember, this is Rachel/Finn Prompts Meme, meaning that all fics and artwork must include both Finn and Rachel. Requesting, say, a Finn/Rachel/Puck prompt is fine (just as long as you request it in the Multiple Parties category), but a Finn/Quinn/Puck one (where is Rachel?) would not be so fine.

6. If you’re just a lurker, or if you don’t hang out too often, then please watch and not join. If you feel like you contribute a lot and really want to be a part of this community, then joining is fine - but remember to always post a prompt in one of the categories and not the community Recent Entries page – we want to stay neat!

7. If your prompt or story has spoilers let it be known!

8. Post fics small or big if you want to, and when posting in your journal or on another website it would be lovely if you could say something along the lines of “this is for ____ at fr_prompts_meme”, just so that more people can learn about and use the community!

9. If you want to prompt or fill as anonymous, go ahead!

10. Please, if you’re not a Finn/Rachel fan, do not bash us! If you want to hate them, go hate
somewhere else!

11. When filling a prompt, always remember to alert the requester.

12. And Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, let me know!

Disclaimer: Glee, along with all its characters, is owned by Fox. Just making sure that's clear.

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